“My thinking about the desirability of PhDs in libraries has evolved. I once believed that librarians must understand research and scholarly processes at a deep level to meet the collection and service needs of research institutions. I felt that earning a PhD conferred that kind of understanding. I saw the real goal as developing one’s scholarly instinct and inclination.

Now, technology has evolved to the point that scholars increasingly use new resources such as Google Scholar, with its broad ability to search scholarly literature. The role of the librarian consequently has become more “local.” The academic librarian now asks, How can our faculty learn more about the latest technological trends and applications? How can our university take full advantage of online learning opportunities? How can our teachers use these opportunities to make courses more meaningful to students?

The skills for answering such questions may come from recent PhDs who are digital scholars. But more likely they will be found in ambitious, bright young members of library staffs, trained or experienced in any number of fields.

The most important need now is for university research librarians to transform themselves into partners in the scholarly enterprise.”

Marcum, Deanna. (2012). Do librarians need PhDs? Information Outlook, 16(5), 33-35. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com.jproxy.lib.ecu.edu/docview/1102475401?accountid=10639

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Quote: Deanna Marcum on the role of research librarians

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