At the beginning of the year, I made a commitment to read more books. I set my goal to be 30 books, which proved to be a bit too ambitious – I’m five books behind, and with 20 days to go and family coming to visit next week, unless I read children’s books (or graphic novels) I don’t think I’m going to quite hit my goal (but I’m going to try!).

But I am proud of those 25 books. Six I read for a book club at work; two for a diversity reads program, one on the recommendation of my therapist, and two were work-related. I have also really increased the number of newspaper articles I read from investigative journalism sources.

Best book I read all year:

A quick, but important, read. Drawing connections between today’s political landscape and what led to Soviet and Nazi fascist regimes, the author outlines 20 actions we all should be taking to be informed, aware citizens, prepared for the worst. Definitely a liberal viewpoint, and somewhat alarmist, but the lessons from history and actions we can take resonated deeply with me. I’ve read it twice, and I need to read it again.

Most Unique book:

I really appreciated the unique perspective of this one. I’ve seen it described as A Handmaid’s Tale meets Watership Down, but with bees. I think that’s pretty accurate. The writing was a bit clunky in parts, and I’m not entirely sure of any deeper meaning, but I really enjoyed the story and the unique perspective of being a bee.

Honorable Mention: Paper Boats due to the setting.


Book Better Than The Movie:

I actually finished the movie last night, and as much as I love the actresses in the movie, I didn’t care for the changes they made to the story (white savior moments weren’t necessary. Ugh.) But the book is well worth the read because these are/were amazing women whose stories are fascinating. I’d read Something Must Be Done About Prince Edward County first, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the Virginia school closings. It provides a lot of information that the author of Hidden Figures alludes to or mentions, but in more detail.


I think I’ll set my goal a little lower for 2018 – but overall, I am happy with my delving back into being able to call myself a reader.

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Books in 2017
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