I’m not sure where I first discovered the Passion Planner — one of my many googlespirals looking at planner reviews. I realized after my last planner review post that I didn’t have to continue to use a planner that wasn’t a good fit for me just because I bought it. So with the Passion Planner in mind, I tried out a month using the print-outs. When the planners went on sale, I knew from the trial pages that I liked the planner and I wanted to finish out 2016 with an actual planner and make sure I was paying the creator for being so kind as to share the pages.

I was drawn to the Passion Planner because I am striving to be more goal-oriented in my life. I really like the goal planning in the beginning of the planner, monthly and halfway point checkups. It helps you adjust your goals and keep them realistic.

The Pros

  • Price – Full price, these are only $25-30, depending on which size you get. (Though the 2016s are currently on sale for $5!)
  • Varied Options – There are different options for all your needs – dated vs blank, yearly vs academic. There are a few different cover styles. There are two different sizes. I write kind of on the larger side, so I opted for the bigger size. You can choose the planner that best fits your needs.
  • Construction – This is well made. The paper quality is decent and I love the feel of the faux-leather cover. (It’s more flexible than a Moleskine). It comes with a band to keep it closed, a pocket in the back, and a ribbon to mark your place.
  • Half Hour increments – As I learned the hard way, not all planners have this feature.
  • Good Things That Happened and quotes – I love that there’s a little section to write down good things that happened that week; along with the quotes, it helps put a positive spin.
  • Has a “space of infinite possibility” that I use for meal planning and other notes.
  • Goal oriented – I LOVE the mindmap exercise and the reflection period after the month is over. For me, this planner is a lot like a journal. It has me think about my life in a way that I wasn’t really doing before.
  • Company ethos – for every planner someone buys, they give another planner. I got two because I ordered one and they sent me two! I was able to give my extra to a friend. They have a referral program, so if you buy one based on my review, I’d be thrilled if you dropped my email in the referral. (amanda dot h dot mclellan at gmail dot com)

The Cons

  • The Binding – It’s not a deal-breaker, but I wish this had the option for  spiral binding. Because I opted for the larger size, it doesn’t quite fit on my desk, and I’d like the ability to fold it open to one page.
  • The Paper quality could be a smidge better – Its only fair since I dinged the Simplified Planner for the same thing — some pens bleed through.
  • No Monthly Tabs – I could add my own, but I wish it was a standard feature to help navigate between the months.
  • The To-Do lists are not tied to days – it’s really not hard to write your own due dates, but if you’re a to-do list person, this won’t be robust enough for you.

Overall, none of the cons are deal-breakers for me. I’m really happy with the Passion Planner, and I’ll be getting another for 2017. I can highly recommend this planner if you’re goal oriented (or trying to be) and don’t need a daily to-do list.

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Planner Review: Passion Planner
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