I am two months and two days into a brand new role. As of March 1, I am the Head of the Application & Digital Services department at East Carolina University’s Joyner Library. Previously, I was Head of Special Collections and Digital Initiatives at Longwood University. While exceptionally rewarding, I discovered that while I admire special collections and archives deeply, I didn’t like being the person making weeding decisions about old books! I also struggled with finding balance between work and personal life, because of a long commute.

Joyner Library at ECU
Joyner Library at ECU

The move brought me from Richmond, Virginia to Greenville, North Carolina, and while I miss my friends in Richmond and my colleagues at Longwood, I’m incredibly excited about this new venture. I have so much to learn about North Carolina, her libraries, and my role specifically within ECU. Thankfully I have a fantastic department full of dedicated and brilliant developers and technicians, and a library full of welcoming and supportive colleagues.

I’m going to try blogging again, as both a place to braindump and share things I’m learning along the way.

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Rebirth of a blog
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